Tuesday, 7 August 2018

A Good Heart Is Hard To Find by Trisha Ashley

I think Ms Ashley missed her calling, whilst her romantic comedies are actually pretty good I think her Gothic horror could be even better - judging by the excerpts in this book attributed to our heroine Cass Leigh.  They certainly have the ring of authenticity of the genre and,in some cases I was more interested in how that story worked out than in Cass's story.

It did feel a little odd to be reading a Trisha Ashley novel not set in or around The Mosses if I'm being honest.  However, as this is one of her early books (Singled Out) titivated up a little and released under a new name maybe The Mosses just don't exist in her literary orbit yet - although there was a nod to another book tucked discretely in there (Wish Upon A Star).  As I have come to expect from her books the tale is told with a gentle humour by a self-aware narrator who you instantly feel you have known for ever.

This is a warm hug of a book that will leave you with a smile on your face and a slight sense of unease relating to graveyards.

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